Chris Stephens for Horry County Council

Friends and Neighbors,
I am asking for your vote to be your next County Councilman. I knew from a very young age that public service would be my life. You see, I do not believe public service is a job, but a calling to serve a higher purpose. The past 20 years of my life has been devoted to that, answering my call to serve.

I have been immersed in our community for many, many years, but not just as a citizen. While serving our community as a police officer, I have enjoyed our successes, grieved our losses, and given my blood, sweat and tears keeping our communities safe from those that would do them harm. I have answered your calls for service; I have given you my all, and did my best to serve you, working together to bring resolutions to problems that arose. That is why I am asking for your vote. I want to continue to represent you. I want to continue to make our communities better places to live, work, and raise families.

I’m reminded of a time hearing Senator Strom Thurmond speak at Palmetto Boys State. This is a summer program for high school seniors sponsored by the American Legion for future leaders; Thurmond was the keynote speaker. He told us that we must strive to leave things better than we found them, to work for a greater good. Friends, that’s what I have done. That’s how I live my life, and that’s how I want to serve you. I want to work to make us a better community, better neighbors, and better citizens.

As hard as I’m willing to work, and I’m willing to work very hard, I don’t have all of the answers. As leaders we must dedicate ourselves to learning and growing, just as our communities learn and grow together. We must be willing to compromise to reach the middle ground. I do not believe we can afford to maintain an all or nothing mentality when the needs of neighbors and success for our futures are at stake.

I was speaking with an old friend the other day, one I hadn’t seen in a while. He reminded me of something I guess I may have filed away, but resonates fully with the way I policed and the way I live my life. He reminded me that doing the right thing was rarely the easy thing and hardly ever the popular thing. And he is right. I have strived to do the right thing, even in the face of adversity and in danger of certainly having repercussions. That is my pledge to you; I will always strive to do the right thing, even when it is difficult.

As we move forward, I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with you and because of you. And I certainly look forward to serving as your next councilman. I appreciate your vote.

Warmest regards,

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